Zanillya is a rapper, singer-songwriter, producer based in Amsterdam. She has started to carve out her own space in the music scene, releasing inspired, R&B-inflected tracks that touch on self-confidence, mental health, the life of an artist, and empowerment. Beloved by tastemakers across the board from Sway Calloway, Jamz Supernova and Toddla T, to i-D, Clash, Office magazine, DUMMY and she’s only just beginning. Working tirelessly on her music over the last few years, Zanillya has begun to release her relatable singles, including her empowering track, ‘You’re It’, the leading soundtrack to Nike’s latest international campaign. Produced by Zanillya and long time collaborator Humphrey Dennis, the track is another example of their eclecticism that has come to define Zanillya’s career thus far.

Zanillya is gearing up to release her first EP, which blends her very diverse influences: dancehall, afro beats, hip-hop and R&B. On this EP she expresses her empowering, bold, sad, and thought-provoking experiences as a young woman dealing with life.



Zanillya and Dennis’ creative efforts have continuously put them in positions of acclaim with plenty major brands looking to use their music for their campaigns. So far their music has been used by FIFA, UEFA, Nike, Colgate, Vodafone, Showtime, Comfort, River Island, Boots UK, and many more. In 2019 Zanillya wins a Buma Award for Best Sync for the WePlayStrong ground-breaking campaign by UEFA.