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As the arts begin to drive mental illness out of the shadows, rapper/singer-songwriter/ producer Zanillya is determined to be at the vanguard of this change. As the daughter of late Disco legend Bobby Farrell (Boney M), the reality of the music industry was imprinted on her from an early age, she witnessed first-hand the beauty and excitement, but also the dark side of it all. Yet it is by creating music that she feels she can come to terms with her own lows.

Her debut EP 'Choose Life' is a heartfelt record about self-belief and healing, Channeling heavy energy into something beautiful, ‘Choose Life', is an exercise in cathartic writing, flowers blooming from a ground of pain. The project is a varied yet cohesive collection of tracks characterized by her signature blend of R&B, Dancehall, Afrobeats and Hip-Hop. Zanillya has co-produced the EP alongside long-time collaborator Humphrey Dennis.

The record delivers successive high points, from the addictive dancehall groove of ‘Sacrifices’, to the lyrical honesty of ‘Nothing To Lose’, which highlights the ongoing struggle of balancing career and family. The track was also featured in Grown-Ish season 4.


Her universal message of hope and musical versatility looks set to catapult her into mainstream acclaim.